23 October 2010

life stories: autumn days

whether picking a pumpkin, playing among fall leaves, or eating butternut squash, these fall days are beginning to stick. deep in my bones and a touch of breeze on my skin, i'm saying farewell to my season of summer and moving into these fall days with hopes to share.

when i begin wanting to see my yarn, to hold the needles and knit, i know that the seasons are changing within me. the sights and sounds surrounding me speak to me as the two needles move back and forth, one touching the other.

fall: apple cobbler. leaves rustling. hunting for boots. quilts stacked. cuddling close. soups simmering. hot tea. hot chocolate. butternut squash. quilting. warm socks. open windows. bird feeding. autumn blooms.

there are touches of fall around. how will we spend the fall? that's left to be seen. i hope for more days and moments like today's. i hope for nights spent among women on porches like the night before and nights on our porch with our warm soup. there's much to come, autumn.

every season has its own pace, its own rhythms. each season comes through in tastes, in outings, and in art. i look forward to all that is to come from each moment, each day. yes, autumn has settled within me. i feel the fall.

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