14 October 2010

blog birthday! we've turned three!

on the 14 october 2007 i welcomed you to this blog. since then i've written about motherhood, ministry, and the arts. sometimes one side of the discussion is present more than another. sometimes there is silence. but always, i have found appreciation and welcome from you. you are kind, caring, and thoughtful. you have emailed and commented. you have sent good energy and encouragement. i know you're there.

sometimes if i think too hard i worry about what you'll think. but mostly i don't because this is a safe space for my pondering, reflection, prayer, life stories, recipes, photos, art, invitations, and so much more. i've been dreaming lately about how to express my thanks. how to say hello! and i'm so glad you're here.

so...i'd like to invite you to say hello! and let me know what you value most here. you may just want to say hello or perhaps mention a favorite post or post series. maybe 2 of you or 20 of you comment. maybe not. either way, it's our birthday and i'm so glad. it's a celebration and i've invited you to the party.

now for the presents! for three of you folks who share a good word on this post through a comment, you'll be given *through a random number generator* a present. i like giving away presents. comments will be welcome, but the opportunity for the gift(s) end on sunday, october 17th. it's a birthday month! my mother has a birthday this month, and my grandmother's birthday just passed. my love and my mother in law celebrated birthdays as well. these made and make me me. they gave me life and continue to influence my art, my love, and my daily acts of creativity. in honor of them, i gifts include some of my prize creations and a special block print:

peace to you and yours this day. happy birthday, reverend artist mother.
here's to many more! cheers!


  1. Dear Suzanne - I am new to your blog, which means that I have a rich treasure of past postings to ponder as part of my morning routine now! I appreciate your words, your spirit of kindness and intention, and it inspires me to pay attention throughout my day to the people I encounter and the opportunities that present themselves. Thank you for sharing of yourself! Lisa W. (another October birthday!)

  2. Suzanne,
    You and the words of your blog inspire me, challenge me and give me hope. I'm grateful for your gift of words and creativity and for your willingness to share glimpses of your life with others. Love you, Lisa

  3. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for mentioning me among the many October celebrations. I love reading your posts and hearing about your many works of creativity. You are very special to me.
    Your Mom

  4. Suzanne-
    Happy birthday(s)!
    The first art of yours I ever owned- your concentric circle brooches- spoke volumes to me about your authenticity, creativity, and warmth. I love how approachable your art is- it is absolutely a reflection on YOU and your gentle spirit, exuding love and grace and openness.

  5. Suzanne - I have spent two hours with you and come to "know" you and your work through FB and this blog.

    You bring peace. Something sacred flows through you and your work.

    That's a great blessing to me. I look forward to more in the future...


  6. Happy Blog Birthday! I have been a follower since I saw your art at the South of the James Market and enjoy your posts!


  7. Happy blog Birthday! I'm constantly inspired by your words, pictures, tweets and grateful to have connected with you on this journey.

  8. Happy birthday to your blog and so many loved ones. I'm jealous of all of the folks who've had the joy of meeting you, but I'm also grateful for the ways that I've learned from you solely through your blog. Thank you for filling the universe with creativity and compassion.

  9. Oh, my. Each of your comments has touched me. They are a gift. You are a gift. Thank you so much for your words. You inspire me and I am so thankful!

    Thoughts are certainly welcome, though note: Comments for the giveaway are now closed.

    I've just posted the random.org selection of three numbers, which mean that : 6, Melissa; 8, Kate; and 5, Beth have each won! I'll contact you with the request for your addresses. :) If you get to this sooner, please email me your info: slsvinson at me dot com.