01 June 2010

art+spirit: a session of birth art

long ago, before the birth of her first child, my friend E asked me to create a time of art with her. she knew of my work with creativity and arts, combining art & spirituality into experiences that bring meaning & healing. i was honored.

again she asked and i answered YES! we sat in two sessions. we shared and i crafted a guided image for her needs & desires to meet fears. she stilled herself and became present to her journey though art:

session one.

the finished piece: a tryptic with oil flowing, pouring,
and resting on the sweet one to be born,
held now and always by her mother.

each instance of creative expression both causes me to hold my breath and gives me life by the life sustaining breaths i do inhale. i love witnessing the creativity of others. in this time of birth art, E. is birthing creativity in the same moments new life is formed within her. what a gift of sharing and expression. she has given me permission to share this with you. enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. love the bottom painting. very nice.

    love you. mean it.