21 May 2010

the work of our gardening hands, part i

i've realized how much daily routines have shifted for me: the sun is out and i'm near it. i'm also: weeding & working in the yard, vending more often at art shows & markets... my hands are at work, indeed. so, i highlight a bit of the work of our hands in the yard. we participate in growing things as a family. enjoy these images & take delight in the work of our gardening hands:daffodils i have nothing to do with. their presence is welcomed and enjoyed, wherever the wind carries them.

a partial view of the back yard with our huge hydrangea, one of three
representing something different.


a partial view of the front with clematis, rosemary and abundant hostas.

ice plant.

coral bells.

oh, the gardenia.

the glorious gardenia.

sometimes i spend a few minutes returning to posts of yesterday. it's a good practice, i think, and one that some of you share with me. i appreciate that there's a flow to writing and a flow to reading that is natural and appreciated. here are a few past posts highlighting what's 'in our garden': making gardens magic beans garden glimpses

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