23 March 2010

on the spirituality of sweeping: a new broom

it seems last week was the week of quilts and this is the week of life stories, both of which include toes. i love feet so: where they take us, how they help us to find our balance. a daily rhythm to finding my balance involves sweeping. i like to walk barefoot on clean floors. i like the look of the wood in it's natural state (trees are better, mind you). There's something peaceful for me to have clean floors.

the very act of sweeping is a practice in spirituality and mindfulness. i am completely aware of what is beneath my feet, what we bring into the house on our boots and shoes, and how we've lived in the moments before. there may be bread crumbs from a fresh loaf that we've torn with our hands at table. there may be bits of playmobil knight's gear strewn across the floor. there may be bits of play dough or a few loose crayons.

the moments that i sweep i give thanks for what is at my feet:
for the house we live.
for the home we create.
for the love we share.
for the creativity that takes place
through our bodies, words, and dust.
for the love of our lives & the gift of food.
for all this and more, i give thanks.

the good, fresh start that sweeping provides. the instant gratification in delighting in a clean floor. i'm learning from the new broom purchased yesterday. it's bristles are different from the broom we've used for years and years. the broom whose handle falls off at least once a week, who is used outside on the walk and inside on the floors. this broom will become a porch and sidewalk broom while the new one is guided by my hands indoors. each stroke an act of gratitude. each movement a prayer of thanksgiving.

this new broom will teach me in the days ahead, as its very feel is new. as i reflected on FB this morning:

On the spirituality of sweeping: a new broom is like a new way of prayer, holding it in your hands & experiencing something previously unknown. With time in consistent practice, a new comfort & understanding can spring forth.

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