21 March 2010

life story: sand play and sun

sometimes its good to engage in a little sunning, time with the boy, and creative rest all at once in the backyard. we love sitting together, playing together, and being together in the spaces of our yard and home. soon after i took this photo, my son was jumping over my shoulder, catching himself with his hands and rolling to the ground. he was jumping into my arms, me holding him high while on my back as he flapped his "wings" pretending to fly. i then
reminded him how to turn a somersault and we each did so numerous times. thank goodness for yoga!

my son helps to remind me to play and play well. after adding new sand to the sand box, he played well for a while in quiet and then told stories. he helps me to laugh. laugher is always good. time in our yard is always good. this was a full day for which i'm thankful.

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