27 March 2010

creative spaces: Fertile Crescent Farm

i love visiting our friends on their farm. i've known darbi for a number of years and am always so impressed with what she's able to accomplish, the care & love that goes into the spaces that surround her. the home is worthy of a magazine spread or blogging love for certain. i couldn't help but take images of the farm and the home. today i'll share images from around the farm.

these are full of the life of the land, but only the smallest of tastes. there's so much to see and do when you're there. mainly, you just breathe deeply and listen to the sounds around you: the wind, the dogs, the chicks when you're near them, and that all knowing presence that is in well cared for spaces. the Creative Spirit that is present to us and through us. oh, it's a sacred space. any place or space this family tends will be blessed by their hands.

of course, i am a farm girl at heart. i want bees to tend, chickens to raise, and the sound of the all knowing presence to surround me in the air i breathe every day.

visit Fertile Crescent Farm's Site: they have a fabulous CSA we'll enjoy for the third year! Visit Fertile Crescent Farm's Blog for the latest on life on the farm & great recipes!


  1. Do Adam and Darby sell eggs?? Dru is looking for a local supplier for 821!

  2. They will into the summer. You should contact them. They also have friends who sell eggs that she suggested I look into: Ault Family Farm, who will be at South of the James this summer as well. Web: www.aultsfamilyfarm.com I'm considering an egg share with them, or at the very least picking up eggs from them as often as able.

  3. you are a farm girl - heart and soul!
    I always love your visits