02 September 2009

Sharing a Good Word from the Grapevine

word-of-mouth is my favorite means of hearing about products, artists, etc. my friend EML of The Great Mother mentioned a new system re[frame]: a productivity system for creative people. at first glance, i thought this was one of those organizing systems in which multi-color pens and a three-ring binder would be involved, which is interesting, but overwhelming without personal direction & follow-through. upon further reading and looking at the co-creator's websites, this looks really compelling. lists, which i love, plus the use of modern technology along with the lure of productivity which in my mind = more time to create.

this time of the year makes me want to buy school clothes, gather notebooks, get new pens, and learn. i loved school and still function on the academic calendar. 10 years of college + graduate studies will do that to you. i'm bitten by the back-to-school, teach-me bug. re[frame] seems to offer a chance to learn more productive ways of managing time and process with guided direction while maintaining creative balance. my excitement toward this is growing as i write about it now.

my current process for september: cleaning out. cleaning out negative thoughts, old patterns, unused crafting supplies, unneeded toys, and STUFF that hasn't been touched since it was moved in except to dust. why, i think i've just sold myself this program by sharing the word. it's amazing what thoughts come as you sweep your sidewalk. will let you know what comes...

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  1. i, too, use an academic calendar. yen to my yang, girl... :)

    love you. mean it.