02 September 2009

Project Notebook: Spiritual Zines

using prayers that i write/pray/draw, my newest addition is the creation of art + spirit zines that i will publish and have available during the upcoming holiday season. above you see a "sneak peak" of the first in the art + spirit series. the intersection of art + spirituality happens daily for me. i want the connection, which is so rich and present, to continue to flow within my works + wears that i make available to others for purchase that are meant to bring joy and inspire.

each day brings awareness of the goodness that surrounds me (and each of us). i am so appreciative of my good friends and the care they place on me. good words + kindred spirits surrounded my morning and day. i appreciate days like these where peace can be found.

today, i continue to give thanks for our recent tour of the south, for the goodness of close relationships, and the interconnectedness of God's spirit.

through these experiences, i hope to continue to share and connect with others through my art + experience of life. here's to the days ahead. now for a stroll outdoors to enjoy this cool weather before preparing the evening's meal for the family.

1 comment:

  1. amen...i LOVE the drawing!!! i really want some of your prints i saw last week. i need to narrow down my paint colors, so i can make some choices. :)