08 September 2009

creative spaces: my sweet desk

The Before Shot. do i really want to show you this? no. am i pleased with myself for the transformation? oh, my. yes! while my upstairs is my "studio/office", it's become a catch-all before our two weeks away. since then, it's remained in distressing form. thanks to reframe + ambition over the last week, i've been working at getting it into a space that i want to walk into and be. i want the space to calm me, not make my heart rush.

here's a slight close-up taken last night once the desk was 'finished for the night'. There will be more transformation that will come to the upstairs space, but taking it one-day-at-a-time is helping.
the desk, taken in the morning hours. i love using small containers for items that i need quickly. you'll see the GO box, files, my many favorite pens & pencils, labels, jewelry tools, etc. my desk is a working desk for my business, life, and art. it's all together, yet will have its separate places through the filing system.
the 'i-am-the-label-maker' labels. while i like the idea of a label maker, i'm also trying to use what i already have in this process. all things repurposed + vintage. today i'll make a purchase for some more clear file folders (which i love using for my business/art) and colored papers to finish out the list.
my son was inspired. so sweet. my son's happy desk, inspired by mine. he stood in awe (quite literally very still with his mouth open and as he reached for my paperclips, "do you want a desk like this?" "yes! i need pencils. i need red paperclips...")

seven minutes later, here's his desk. "his" camera for inspiration, a handy "lamp" and containers with his bees wax crayons, colored pencils, brushes, scissors, and a house box for his handmade paper books. you'll see a colorful assortment of his paperclips, too. but the best: his recycling container is a the bottom of his desk, too. it contains his cutting scraps as you see him working on. he's telling me now that, "i'm sitting at my desk drawing a gift picture for uncle john."

good gravy. this is great. even a three-and-a-half year old has cleared his spaces and is creating!

i must tell you that if you're inspired by this, you should be. i'm amazed at how good it feels to know that more good things are coming. there's been new plans and inspiration flowing over the summer, but still i've needed to be more organized. i can feel this is a good thing. a really good process to be engaged in. saying this because you receive a gift of hope, a good word, and much encouragement along the way. you don't go it alone, but with others. i love the life journey that we're on together.

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  1. love it and am so glad to hear that you're happy with how things are working out upstairs! am interested in this re:frame stuff, but need to wait until i have some extra $$! :o) love to you and i promise to speak soon!!

  2. A wonderful transformation. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. wow!!!! that looks GREAT!!!! jo-jo is precious! :)