13 August 2009

glimpses of art in the everyday

Visit this article in the New York Times regarding Broadway producer Rocco Landesman who the new chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.  Among his comments, this one stood out:
“When you bring artists into a town, it changes the character, attracts economic development, makes it more attractive to live in and renews the economics of that town,” he said. “There are ways to draw artists into the center of things that will attract other people.”
We happily live within the city of Richmond and drive through downtown regularly, well, to get everywhere we go.  Often the destination involves dinner downtown or uptown.  I love the spaces where art is a part of our city's life:  galleries, statues, murals to name a few.  Sometimes it's the rust on the train tracks or the bricks on our buildings that catches my attention.  There are so many spaces that have been claimed by artists & artsy groups.  The old school down the street with studio spaces, renovated warehouses and storefronts, the old post office now a community center a couple blocks down.  

As we prepare to travel, I look at my city with affection.i will miss you while i'm away richmond, but i will also come with fresh eyes hoping to see something new.  cheers.

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