13 August 2009

question of the day: a new blog roll

my current *short* list of blogs i follow isn't up to date.  not remotely.  while i will to take a few hours to really create a good list sometime before fall rolls in, i wanted to offer the chance to receive your suggestions for review.  if you want to suggest your own blog(s)/website(s) or blog(s) you read, i'll take time to review them and consider their space here.   [for the purposes of silver tree art, a blog roll will be the links in list form of happy places + unique spaces online to find inspiration to create + live creatively.]

what do you spend those precious moments online?  who do you read?  what is your visual stimulation?  who inspires you to create, to inhale, or to ponder?

the rough sketch of the upcoming blog roll includes:  food + eats, art + craft, fiber arts, paper love, creativity, spirituality, young clergy women, creative process (tutorials/how-to), etc.  these are just the general areas that i spend my time and energy in.  

as i attempt to share with others how i live creatively, i will be exploring more avenues for sharing: blogs, artists, books, recipes, etc.  more of the same basically.  i've been so happy with the new look of my website that i'll add this list through the website, with a more condensed list here + link to the long list.  

this summer has been full and promises no less in its remainder.  while i've been able to spend time checking off the to-do list, there are items still waiting.  i'm happy to engage you in the blog roll process.  if you want to submit your short or long list, email me at slsvinson [at] me [dot] com.  



  1. frickfrackfoto.blogspot.com??? :)

    love you. mean it.

  2. dinner was fabulous last night. and i just can't get over your GORGEOUS artwork. your talent cup runneth over, love.