29 July 2009

life stories: celebrating birth

while the picture was from our camping trip earlier this summer, celebrating one of my two brother-in-law's day of birth, it is a fitting image.  i am not sure if you've experienced years of misfortune or disappointment on your birthday.  i have.  while i entered this year with some hesitation, with a huge event this weekend, i had the best experience.  this year was so good.  so simple.  so taste-full.  this year's birthday was filled with well-wishes from friends & family, tweets, FB messages, good food and good shopping at my fav shop: Anthropologie.  so much of my favorites were involved:  my son, my hubby, seafood, laughter, cute new wears, and wine.  

my favorite moments included my son walking up to me, "mom, it's your birthday!" and then walking up to others, "hey, this is my mom.  tell her happy birthday."  he was so proud.  he sung the loudest, too.  a sweet sound for any mother, especially celebrating her birth. 

so, thanks, friends.  thanks, family.  and blessings to you as i plan to celebrate birth for the days to come.

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  1. awe...i just teared up over jo-jo's comment. he rocks!!!

    happy burfday, dear friend. love you. mean it.