21 July 2009

july just flying by

wow.  who said that july would be a slow, leisurely month?  if anyone in this household did, we were misinformed.  while it's been a very good month, it's been one filled with surprises and unexpected gifts.  i am grateful.

i appreciate the past sunday's lectionary text a great deal.  especially when there's so much to do, places to go, people to see, work to accomplish.  whew.  my heart beats a little faster each time i write or think about all that has been done and what is left to be done.  our pastor and ministers reminded us through sermon and worship that we are called to rest.  not because we have done so much or because we earn the rest, but because that's part of the gift of creation:  rest.  so, today, for a moment (maybe two) i rest.  i rest with my feet up.  i rest as i inhale deeply.  my heart slows and my anticipation for the next two weeks is soothed.  i rest because it's a gift to receive today.  a gift for myself.  

as a minister, as a mother, but especially as a woman oriented to being highly productive, it's a must to balance and believe in rest and recovery in the daily routine.  while that doesn't always come, i consider a moment reading with my son as rest, for that engagement speaks to my soul.

the rest that i need isn't the same as the rest you require.  my soul rest involves a movie sometimes, a good drink often (right now sweet tea), a book (a favorite activity), paper and a few items to draw with.  what do you need to rest?  what do you need to find recovery from life and the demands you face each day?  

while july is just flying by, i remember our promise as a family to spend a day a week engaged in nature or learning.  i remember our promise to love each other well and to care for each other.  we've done this well.  what i often forget in the spaces between is how to care and love myself and give myself the rest i need.  

so today i will not be at bryan park market.  today i will spend the afternoon at home.  today i will make dough to grill bread with friends.  we will enjoy what time we have individually and as a family with friends who have become dear.  

so, as i tell myself:  stop.  take a deep breath.  close your eyes.  another deep breath.  and another.  open your eyes and inhale gratitude.  let your mind and body have 30 seconds of deep breathing bliss.  even that moment can work miracles.


  1. i needed this today. i've been going so fast for so long i don't know what i would do if i could just REST!

    saturday, i am using the massage gift certificate i was given for mother's day. an hour to MYSELF!!! yah!

    love you. mean it.