19 June 2009

time to sew

my hands have been busy this past week getting the quilts complete for the bereavement group last night.  whew.  i'm glad that all have their work in hand, stories shared, and plans to continue with a monthly gathering.  such good support has taken place among these individuals and families.  they give to each other because they know what they need to receive.  they support + love each other in ways they need love + support.  it's a beautiful weaving of stories, tears, and laughter.  

as i've been stitching these quilts by hand and machine, i've been thinking through the next series of works for my shadow/art boxes.  of course the image found at twig & thistle stayed in my mind, and i just had to work with that image this week.  you'll see my two interpretations above.  one for my sweet husband for father's day today and the other for mixed media.  sew inspiring. 


  1. can't wait to see the finished products! :)

  2. i love this! what a great idea! i might have to incorporate something like this into jim's quilt....