01 June 2009

a head's up - the feed your soul art project

jen at indiefixx asked me to contribute an original work of art around the theme "feed your soul" for download on the site.  she has some amazing artists' & illustrators' work available for free download on the site.  you'll want to go, run, jump, click on over.  i've been able to print many and they are hanging on a clip on my fridge, as i'm in the kitchen so often to enjoy these.  others will go on the inspiration wall, along with the great works by folks from the march pikapackage, which came in the mail a little over a week ago.  i'm in love with all this beautiful art!  

the best part about the work that i've printed & placed on the fridge is that i can rotate the art with great ease and enjoy so many artists at once!   there is new art posted every monday, so go take a look.  i love today's editions!  

oh, mine will be available sometime in july.  will give you a head's up when it's online. 

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