28 May 2009

you'll want to know

jo and his mama.  frick frack foto. ©2009.

you'll want to know the person i've called my best friend since i was 12.  she is simply amazing.  she has the most amazing smile and attitude, among other qualities.  her life is an inspiration as are her photographs.   because i trust her with my life, i could trust her to take some good photos of me wearing one of my handmade creations, which began with an amy butler pattern.  my friend took pictures of me while i was visiting her in MS and her work is amazing.  you'll see one of those pictures as my image here on the blog, as well as in her online gallery.  you'll see more of her work integrated in the pages here as well as on my site in the days to come.

frick frack foto is her business, started with her business partner and sweet friend.  one is frick, the other frack.  take a look at their talent.  so many of their images capture a dream-like quality, but are deeply rooted in the present.  each tells a story while retaining a timeless tale as well.  i believe the images speak of connection.  connection between those in the moment of telling the story and connection with the viewer, who is told the story as seen through frick frack foto's eyes

enjoy their telling.

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  1. it is december 18, 2009, and i just saw this post. suzie-q, i don't know what to say other than "thank you...from the bottom of my heart."

    love you. mean it.