07 May 2009

i can remember when...

i was oh so small, approaching my third birthday.  my mother, father, and i were on their bed and my mother was oh-so-pregnant with my brother to be.  i can remember how wonderful and enchanting it was to see and feel something within my mother's stomach.  at least, i hold that memory in the wonder category as it comes today.  there maybe a little influence over the years. 

whatever the memory jo claims as his earliest memory of life with his mom and dad, i hope that they are sweet and filled with wonder.  before r and i were married, someone told me that i wouldn't remember anything from the ceremony itself, that it would speed by so quickly and i'd only be able to remember a blurr.  of course, i had to stop and look around.  i needed that voice saying, in their way, to take notice. breathe.  savor.  enjoy.  delight.  

in a similar fashion you hear that children grow up "too quickly".  thus, i try to enjoy jo's fast pace and movement from one stage of life into the next.  he's in one of my favorite development phases of the preschool years.  i love these years because there is so much wonder and appreciation.  there's an honesty to the questions that are asked, however socially inappropriate at times, and a desire for play and learning that helps them become autonomous selves.  so i stop and watch him.  i take notice.  breathe.  savor.  enjoy.  delight.  

happy early mothers day to all who possess a mothering spirit.  happy early mothers day to all who usher wonder and play and learning in children.  happy early mothers day to all whose desire is to see children grow, to play, and to learn.  happy early mothers day to all who love with Mother God's kind of love.  God's love be with you.


  1. happy mother's day to you.

    and i remember your wedding ceremony...just as i remember the details of mine. you two were so happy and beautiful that day. and i remember that my back hurt like all get out!!! LOL!!!


  2. it's so good to have these details. your wedding is a fond memory. i most treasure the time spent with you at BOTH our weddings. i remember most working with your hair, and holding those great flowers! it was dreamy and pure.