04 May 2009

after a good meal

you need time to rest after a good meal, good visits with friends and family, and a really good social outing.  all of these events have taken place recently.  one event rolled them into one.  feast: festival of word, table, and image.  a friend, who is also a young clergywoman, and i set off to co-organize this female preaching festival celebrating sermon, food, and art.  i'm in awe of what was spoken, created, and eaten.  we had such a glorious time together.  yes, as always, laughter and tears, good times, and good food.  we created what we have longed for since the last college of preachers event.  i am so happy.  i am full.  and yet, i know i want more.  when you taste something so good, so filling, you want to have it again.   and we will.  

so today, i rest with my son watching the rain fall.  hoping that the thunderous sounds will be calming.  as the earth is fed, i am fed by my sweet boy and the satisfaction of a great meal!  

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