21 May 2009

a holy breath

pretty picture from the national aquarium.  jo and i went with our friends from across the pond, and we had a grand time.  though our trip to baltimore was back in march, i thought this would be a fun picture to share today.  we're gearing up for a quick weekend trip to the mountains.  we find nature so restorative to our souls as a family.  once i returned from the youth retreat in the mountains at camp little crossroads, i knew we needed a family outing!  the mountains are calling again.  the beach is calling.  the spa is calling.  right?   

the essence here is that we need these holy breaths outdoors.  we have our list for the summer, and some we've had for the spring that have been moved to the summer because of time.  we'll have time as a family to engage each other and enjoy all that good time together.  from the quiet of our backyard and weeding the garden to watching each other hike, we'll have those good, deep breaths in nature that we so need.  we'll have the trips to the gardens, the trip with grandma to the DC zoo, the trip to the NC zoo + gardens, the stroll through Duke Gardens, and more.  So many places, cultivated and natural both.  oh, i'm so excited.  my thoughts tonight turned to these anticipated outings as i departed from the bereavement group.  it's such an amazing group of courageous individuals.  

we had a wonderful time at the youth retreat.  the ladies were a great deal of fun to work with.  creativity certainly abounded!  there's so much to say about art and spirituality and the connections we all share.  there are so many spaces to grow and explore with others in this life.  i'm in awe of creation and amazed at the created work of our hands in all these spaces and groups.  may the work of your hands be blessed!

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