11 February 2009

the work of our hands - mixed media with children

among groups i lead in congregations, i most recently added this hands project to my repertoire.  school aged children worked on this piece in a couple of phases.  each painted on the canvas without abandon.  i loved watching them move so quickly to the brushes and lavish paint upon the canvas.  sometimes i wish i could use color in such a natural way, without over thinking the process.  after hearing the liturgical texts from psalm 147 & mark 1:29-39, we talked about the ways in which we use our hands, focusing on their church life.  they used this discussion as inspiration to create block prints.  we printed.  they printed.  they had a blast. after drying, i cut the hands and played with placement.  each group i lead will lend itself to a different image, with the similar inspiration.  i love the hands of these children.  it's so vibrant and full of life.  

written around the outer edge of the canvas:  
wellspring of life. tree of life. source of love.  
may you bless the wonderful work  of our hands. 

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  1. It's beautiful, Suzanne, what a great project with the kids!