17 November 2008

a challenge

alright, folks, i have been challenged by about first times by a fabulous YCW friend Jenny - a woman who knows her shoes.  

1. ate Tacos i was but a wee babe.  i'm sure that my mother made the ol' yellow box of hard shell tacos in my elementary years.  i loved tacos then and now.

drove a car was when i was 15 and learning how to drive with my grandmother.  we were riding in her light green old Ford pickup truck in the pasture.  yes, cows and all.  she created some amazing traffic situations that only she could see.  it was hilarious.

slept in a tent was in college with some friends.  details are unknown.  i think it was when i served at horzion community church and we gathered the troops.  we were ready with marshmallows, but not enough blankets!  some ended up sleeping in their cars, but i think i braved the cold.

drank alcohol was also in college.  boone's farm.  flavor unknown.  way too sweet...need i say more?

got a job i was 13 or 14 and provided childcare for some families around the community.  fun times.  saved up for my first car through high school between sitting & working in a nursery (yard & garden).  

was on stage was in kindergarden.  i read a book to those who attended the graduation service, which i remember to this day.  song and all!  i have the book still, gold star on the cover.

fainted was when working at the yard & garden shop in high school.  thankfully the manager caught me before my head hit the concrete floor!  low blood sugar + hot mississippi day.

answered a silly questionnaire was likely from my friend black betty.  however, i didn't usually respond to them, as i'm in a bad habit of procrastinating.  

Forgive me, but i'm breaking the challenge.  however, if you so wish to add to the fun, copy and paste your own answers in your blog and mention it in the comments.  

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  1. i remember you telling me about granny and the driving!! LOL!!!