14 November 2008

fall = knit

for me, at least, there's a moment in the fall where i know it's time to pull out the knitting needles.  i know, you can knit year round.  however, i find some forms of art + craft seasonal.  i have a hat that's been in holding since the spring.  i worked on it last in the final moments of winter...and then spent all my time outdoors in the garden.  as multi-tasking goes, some projects, like some desserts, are best when you return to them slowly, eating a few bites, and then savoring the taste left on the palette.  after 30 minutes or so, the hat is now complete and being worn by my son (and sometimes me).

i've been working finding just the right pattern for fingerless gloves to knit.  in the spirit of alterknits, i have made some from the sleeves of a wool sweater that was once turned 3T in the wash/dryer. fingerless gloves to the rescue.  i knew i'd saved this sweater (one of 2 in that laundry load) for a brilliant reason. we'll see what comes from the rest of the sweater in the days ahead.  

to make, you simply measure the length you desire between your fingers and your elbow.  i like mine half way to my elbow.  measure the sleeve from the wrist up to the shoulder.   

you can simply hold the sleeve to your arm and mark the length.  cut one sleeve, place a top the other, and cut the second.  once you have both cut to the correct length, place the sleeve on your wrist and mark the space between your thumb and index finger. turn inside out and sew a U shape to fit this space of your hand.  i recommend sewing over your U shape 2 or 3 times to strengthen.  trim the excess inside your U shape.  do this for both warmers.  turn them inside out - you have a finished felted fingerless glove!  you can embellish your gloves with embroidery, applique, paint, or stitch.  let your creative mind go to work!

if you are into knitting this time of the year as i am, check into these resources.  i'm also going to utilize this free pattern to make fingerless gloves as seen here.  there's also a pattern for one in the alterknits book mentioned above.  it's dreamy.  am i creating a wish list for you, too?  

knitty.com was just referred to me in the coffee shop, and i'll be looking for resources there, too.   and i love these on the purl bee.  (and last one today:  these adorable baby moccasins!)


  1. To keep you writing a bit I have challenged you! http://samtalmedj.blogspot.com/2008/11/challenge-about-first-times.html