17 September 2008

there's something in the air

we have truly loved our CSA with our friends darbi & adam at fertile crescent farm.  thank you, friends!  their posted zucchini crusted pizza is so good!  our own garden has yielded a harvest that we've been proud of.  jo has had his 4 foot square plot in which carrots, radishes of 2 variety, butter peas, and tomatoes have grown.  we're simply blessed to watch life grow.  the caterpillars are always one of my favorite parts of growing our own.  the parsley always takes a beating (why they don't go for the fennel at this house i'll never know), but we're happy to share.  the butterfly garden that i worked on more so this year has kept us watching many winged friend all summer long.  

there's something in the air.  today you can feel the crisp fall winds.  i will enjoy this time of transition as much as when the wind brings those brief moments of warmth coming into spring.  these transitions with temperature always make me want to be outside, whether painting with young friends, tending the earth, or reading a book.  i'm glad to have these moments to truly appreciate what is good and where life grows.  we are rich.  

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