02 March 2008

our birthday boy is two

the bus birthday cake! chocolate double layer cake with chocolate icing and a ganache' in between the layers. fondant icing in four colors (for the bus and concentric circles around the edges of the cake). less than a fourth was left, which is cause for celebration! a successful cake! to compliment the cake, i made a basic vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans in my donvier ice cream maker. this great ice cream maker was a gift to my grandmother from us for mother's day years and years ago. it was like having a piece of her with us. special stuff.

fun little treats for the kids. the tradition to hand-make bags continues. i made more pennant banners with my vintage fabrics for this year. balloons in colors of the cake lined the fence with some of the banners (ones made and hung last year). the vintage-themed birthdays continue. adults were given carrot cupcakes with the star cupcake toppers as their party favor. yum! i've enjoyed mine!

fresh flowers were in every room. these tulips are among my favorites (all fresh flowers are my favorite!)

joseph's big treats: a fun radio flyer tricycle, an aquarium for goldfish (we have two so far), finger puppets, a train, and other cool treats. he's had a big day-after-the birthday.

we had a grand time yesterday at the birthday party. you can get a "taste" of it here. we enjoyed the company of friends, calls from family, and cards and gifts from the post. thanks to all who made it special. most of all, we enjoyed seeing joseph have a grand time! enjoy the picts! it was great fun! can't wait to have the next party in celebration of spring and all things green! until then...peace.


  1. happy birthday, joseph!!!!! wow...TWO!!! i can hardly believe it.

    much love to you all...xoxo

  2. what a great celebration! good job mommy!

    happy birthday Joseph!

  3. hey! as always, the photographs are fantastic!! how beautiful. wish i could have been there!!

    love you.