09 December 2014

daily living workbook! newest in the art of daily living series.

:: introducing the daily living workbook :: 

suzanne l. vinson offers the daily living workbook to you as a speical part of the art of daily living series. as a lover of get it done lists and daily mapping, suzanne has created a baker’s dozen. you can use the 13 sections in this workbook to CREATE. COLOR. DRAW. DOODLE. CALENDAR. SKETCH. PLAN. PRODUCE. LIST. MARK. REMEMBER. use this as a 13 month planner, a visual outline of your next book, a food diary, journal through the days of a year in each sweet block, create a story quilt of your days adding imagery and a word of the day, record the wisdom you hear along the way, or fashion the workbook in a manner only you create. whether sketching your days or creating lesson plans, the daily living workbook has space to hold your creativity. you provide the color and flair. workbook pages can be shared with #theartofdailyliving

thirteen sections of blocks + pages as seen here, each section varies.  

with additional pages in the back for notes :: 

i'm thrilled with how this black and white work has turned out, 
and i'll share mine next week when my workbook is in hand! 

please share what you think! 

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