28 October 2014

a call for wisdom stories and a call for witnesses.

 brave-hearted, creative, loving soul,

because you bless me through your stories...
because you share so much through your stories of how my daily wisdom cards have carried you through, picked you up, called your attention, and blessed others...

will you please share your stories + photos so we may all be witnesses?

share on your blogs
on instagram ((tag @slsvinson and/or #silvertreeart))
on twitter ((@silvertreeart))   
and other spaces where the light can shine thorough the cracks.   

please tag #silvertreeart #wisdomstories

while we don't all want to call attention to the good we do in the world, i know my daily wisdom cards have filled you up with so much creative sharing.   some of us are called to witness the good you put forth in the world.  you send packages to college students and tuck them in.  you fill cards with hand written words and place a card inside.  you leave gifts of kindness and a card behind.  not everyone has the same idea.  your sharing can inspire others to be present to a friend in need.  to take time to care for their mind, body, and soul.  to pause their busy, busy days and soak in the beauty of the present moment.  you have so much within you.  there's much to share.  please do.  ((and thank you!))

you fill my heart.  peace. light.

xo. suzanne l. vinson

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