30 August 2014

re-learning. again and again.

one day this past week my love listed his priority items he hoped to accomplish that day when returning home from work.  my list was simple :: a shower and shave my legs.  some of you know.  you know that feeling of wanting the thing that many folks take for granted.  the shower that gets pushed because the wee one woke up, breakfasts need to be made. then lunch.  then there's that working from home thing.  and before you know it...it's the end of the day and you're still in your clothes from stretching.

after getting my shower and shaving my legs with an added removal of the nail polish.  my love asked, "do you feel better?"  why yes, i do.  i'm amazed when life's simple delights bring such pleasure.  it's true we don't need daily showers.  i certainly don't wash my hair every day, realizing it looks better with an every-other day wash.

yet, this isn't about hygiene.  i'm talking about taking care of yourself.  whatever that means.  some days for me it's about warm water and letting it cover my skin.  other days it's about that impromptu dinner among friends with accompanied laughter.

i'm re-learning to care for my sacred self.  to care for my soul.  and re-learning that lesson of knowing how much i have to offer others around me is limited by the care i take of myself.  i exercise now so that i am full of life and energy.  i'll paint my nails to bring delight and that wonderful pause in the motions of the day.

do you catch yourself living with delight?  do you savor the tastes that linger on your tongue?  do you embrace the subtle shifts and changes that can happen within yourself when you care for your sacred self? when you care for your soul?

i certainly hope so.  may today bring exactly what you need, lovely.  shower and all.  xo.

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