10 October 2013

this moment.

oh to sit in the dark house as dawn arrives.  sipping my decaf coffee.  typing on the computer! ((a rarity these days.))  finishing a logo i'm proud of that's taken a bit of good attention and time.  listening to my daughter breathe deeply as she moves into a lighter sleep.  getting use to saying "my daughter" in it's newness.  sharing where wisdom has done.  dreaming of new art work.  praying for enough work and art sales.  just enough.  gearing up for this day where i'll facilitate unwind at vcu.

here.  here in the semi-darkness watching the dawn brighten the world through our shades, i am content.  learning to listen to the constant wisdom of "let it be" and believing that is where i am meant to reside.  in the semi-darkness watching the dawn brighten as i wake up to the world with a nearly 3 month old.  happy most days. weary some. content.  truly content.

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