07 August 2013

there are things.

there are things asking me to let them go and a voice telling me this is not the end. 

secret message & art by http://www.messycanvas.etsy.com. 

some time ago I ordered this secret message from messy canvas, entrusting her with the sentiment of the message. receiving it, it spoke to me deeply. today it speaks anew, and rather profoundly. 

my life has unfolded to welcome our girl Cora. here our hearts have opened and love has rushed through. we're each smitten. 

as she grows older each day, i'm getting to know this sweetpea and gaining a sense of what she needs. my priorities are shifting as i have committed to nurse her over the next year. i will be ever mindful of the type of groups i lead. when and where makes all the difference and i'm happy to still travel. 

my writing & art are taking a more natural back seat. retreats will happen. circles will happen, just less frequently. 

i am discerning what the next year should hold. how much can i carry when she's in my arms? it's a good thing to set a new pace. she's worth the effort. my family is, too. as reality unfolds, i'll share it here. 

may life be gloripusly joyful, folks. even amidst dissappointment and fatigue. xo. 

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