17 June 2013

what's not often shared.

many of you know some of my work is specialized in bereavement group facilitation and grief care.  for 11+ years i have facilitated bereavement groups of many types, often focusing on perinatal loss.  i have done so with a full belly, and with a longing belly.  i have done so satisfied and full of hope. i have done so hurting and in spaces of unknown.  always, always knowing that we are given perspective as we sit together.  the spaces of sharing our stories is sacred.  we are meant to be in this together.

there are some moments where we know we are not alone.  where we are surrounded by others, yet not fully revealing our stories.  it may not be safe.  sometimes it's far from safe.  sometimes we know that our story will cause another distress or pain, and so we hold it in, holding our breath along with our truths and we become so caught being silent. 

recently a friend shared part of her story with miscarriage.  there are so many who do share.  many more who are quietly suffering.  that longing and pain on the continual ebb and flow...  may you know spaces of safety that allow you to share your truth.  your light.  your presence.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth's story. I was so thankful that she was willing to guest post on my blog.