02 June 2013

summer of welcome.

as we've begun leaning into the summer with backyard gatherings, pennant banners, seedlings breaking through soil, and lazy pool afternoons, i've been thinking about this summer and all that it holds in store. 

a baby girl to come.  welcoming friends.  receiving meals.  opening our home to family for weeks at a time.  thus, i declare this summer the SUMMER OF WELCOME.  

i was telling a dearie a few weeks ago that as my belly expands, i find myself moving more inward.  i realize that much of the time, i share my inward thoughts here, a space for glimpses of my pondering and glimpses into brief images of our life.  

sometimes the thoughts and images are messy, but most of the time, i hope that they're beautiful - clean, messy, colorful, with a touch of truth.  what you see is never the full story.  we never really see each other's story in full.  there's so much to our stories.  yet in the pages of our history and the between spaces, we see enough and experience enough to find connection and hope.  truth and trust.  we see that we. are. not. alone. and that at times we. are. in. this. together. 

so, tribe of revartmom, gathering space for those who want to glimpse into my life and the life of our garden, the work of my hands, be welcomed.  know my own words in this space will ebb and flow. 

as i move into a new phase of carrying the baby girl within, i move through 34 weeks of full on activity, now to a space of ease.  after a little scare the end of the week, i'm now on modified bed rest.  

what to do?  write.  update the etsy shop.  get the website updated and uploaded.  paint.  pray.  read. listen.  sew.  

i'll be able to venture to the studio, but must work seated.  i'll be able to finish up logo projects from anywhere.  i'll hand stitch the quilt for the hospital in NC.  there's much to do, and much not to do.  i'll create an ease and flow to my day that will be good and just enough. 

so many lessons abound.  summer of welcome.  welcoming ease.  welcoming a slower, steady pace.  welcoming breating space.  

what do you welcome these days?  

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