20 May 2013

life. these days.

life.  these days.

soaking in some good creative time with carving block and tools.

walking around after my meals with this 32 week ((almost 33 week)) belly i'm carrying.

listening to so much birdsong.  nesting, too.

eating with great intention and mindfulness ((dealing with gestational diabetes - takes greater thought and purpose, though no huge changes in the foods i'm eating, but certainly more frequent and exact.))

painting  and dreaming of painting.

thankful for another amazing retreat weekend.  such good folks to be with and lead.  such a great time.

these days i'm making new work and offering it on etsy as quickly as i'm able.  my floors are taking the back seat as i slow the pace and get done what needs to be done.  doing my best to remind myself to rest.  to be gentle and set a pace that will carry me through until july when we welcome our sweet one into the world.

my hopes include making plans for some new writing ... ecourses  ... new wisdom cards.  new feathers for the plume.

now i'll return to carving.  i'll return to resting.  i'll make good food and send love to good folks who need it.

sending blessings your way.

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