02 April 2013

when i sit still i see.

my child has a beautiful style all his own. most of us carry our own style, and we do so well. his delight in color, all things red, ropes and sweat bands is completely cool in my book. i love watching him grow and learn and play. it's tough on the mama heart when he is hurt, whether tripping on those long feet or because he's frustrated by limits. as i carry the wee one within, she kicks in her own way. his kicks were with hands and feet at once. she has her own style i'm growing to love and delight in.

this ability to witness one and the other is but a taste of the adventure to come. more than i ever thought i'd be, i'm so happy that he's had seven plus years of our trio. now we'll be a foursome, and he'll show so much more of what he's capable of. we will grow into communion with one another. they will have an us - and - them mentality at some point, a team of their own. they will be for one another what my brother and i were for each other. they will each soar on their own and together, so much mischief!

when i sit still long enough i can witness and ponder. most of the time i'm aiming to accomplish more, more, more :: cleaning out the house. making room. finishing custom sewing projects. traveling to and from his school. packing orders. traveling. creating. cooking. ... all those life tasks that we all share in some form. we're here. in this. together.

this week is my boy's spring break. i'm committed to be devoted to good time with him each day while maintaining my work. attempting to practice self care, presence, and focus in mindful, meaningful ways. and... to simply sit still and notice.

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