15 January 2013

{{this}} moment. 1.15.2013.

i'm so happy to be making room in our places and spaces today. i had a fantastic beginning today leading the first part of a retreat followed by a good afternoon co-facilitating a group in my role as chaplain this afternoon. it's good to step into these places feeling a bit more rested, though able to allow the "good enough" to wash over me while on the mend. 

my sweet boy and i returned home this afternoon to clean our floors and table. here he sits working on homework with his candles lit.  i love that he loves his birthday ring from my mother for christmas just so.  it's a daily piece.  

i'm looking to restore order in small increments. making room.  resting.  cleaning.  creating space for the wee one that will join us in july.  for now we're doing our early evening chores:  playing. catching up on email. cooking dinner.  chatting.  all while still sniffling and grabbing some good loving time with hugs of affection.  sitting near the light of these candles, now an inch lower, i feel their warmth and am surrounded by gratitude.  weeks like these with colds and flu and much more to do than will get done have the potential to undo grateful hearts, but not this week.  this week, continuing to receive cards of condolence and messages of congratulations.  life.  dust and dirt.  dishes and dining.  shared conversatons and soul care solitude.  all of life. all of it.  is good.  even when it's not.  

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