10 January 2013

may we each hold joy.

((more of these beautiful, soulful images 
taken by the dearest patience salgado.))

this family.  

here.  he's happy.  

he gets excited.  expecially when he plays and wins at dutch blitz.

and most especially because we'll welcome another this july.  

i've longed to share our home with another child.  it's a joy.  
we are glad. 

within that joy i carry love and light for many, many, many women i know and even more i don't know who have miscarried, carried, and laid to rest their darling babies and children.  i hold the light that those who want the same joy within will have the opportunity to do so.  some cannot.  others can.   
our bodies can be such a mystery.  and so i share the news, our news, knowing some of you will be overjoyed and others will carry quiet tears.  know that i'm holding each of you in the light and in awareness.  know you are not forgotten nor are you alone.  

we're in this together.  
may we each hold joy. 


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