23 January 2013

encircled. new rhythms these days.

oh.  my.  word.

one of these days i'll create a new rhythm to writing and posting.  for now, the rhythms of a second trimester, a variety of contract jobs, and home life weigh in heavily.  that's always happening, yet, it's the first that's calling me under the covers by 9 p.m.  i'm finding a little more lightness to my step and less fatigue overall.  all good things to celebrate.

in the meantime, i'm trying to get good work completed for you to enjoy.  i'm stocking the etsy shop with new goodies and am ready to mail what you see.

i can't wait for all that is coming.  for now, in this season of hibernation, i remember you and this space.  and i'm mulling over what i can bring that's new and wonderful here.

and with new rhythms and new layers comes new inspiration.  

so much is in store.  


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