03 January 2013

a little love from young house love.

John and Sherry of Young House Love have been great supporters of the Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday show.  I've enjoyed seeing them over the years at the shows and am tickled that Sherry delighted in my wisdom cards.  They were kind to blog so on their fantastic site.

Here's a picture of the wisdom cards Sherry chose carefully that now reside on her desk. love, love.

Photo by Young House Love.  
my heart is glad because these cards are made for this.  to give your spirit a boost.  to encourage you.  to create cheer and add delight.

the etsy orders from the Young House Love blog are such a gift.  thank you!  i'll continually add prints from the 2012 wisdom speaks series on my blog: called to create.  i hope you enjoy!

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