21 December 2012

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i keep returning to these photos patience captured of an afternoon in the life.  

i walk past these swords.  they're happy.  i smile.

there are fewer apples from carter mountain orchard in our bowl.  enjoying them. savoring.

the sink ((happens)) to be clean today.  
completely clean.  woot! 

and this scene has changed, yet remains pretty close. 

the realities of life are all around us.  truth.  
i'm into truth-telling, valuing that higher than most. 
here you get glimpses of truth. glimpses into life. 

 i'm pretty tired from a full three months of half-time chaplaincy which is good and allows me to use so many gifts.  i am thrilled after such an amazing holiday season, and i'm celebrating by taking a break from today until january 2nd with the etsy shop on vacation.  i'm allowing myself time to rest and recover in the next week, hoping that there'll be just enough space for both. 

i'm spending time creating.  yes.  of course.  you'll expect that.  i'm not, however, going to over-do or try to out-do myself.  that's silly and unncessary. 

i am determined to mail my christmas cards tomorrow.  that. is. a. goal.  
simple delights. 




be blessed. 

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