28 December 2012


as the new year approaches and this year turns to a whisper, i am slowly considering what my word will be for 2013.  2012 spoke thrive and i'll say: thrive was both a wish and desire that i continue to experience.  such a lovely, rooted word.

many friends have asked how i feel with 2012 with fewer wisdm cards left to create for called to create.  there has been a sense of loss, yes.  also a sense of knowing:  i am not finished yet.  i am still listening for wisdom.  daily.  it's a practice that's so rooted within my cells that i am not sure there will ever be an end.  there is growth, life, and the ability to thrive that's taken root within listening to and speaking wisdom.

right now.  right now i breathe.  i breathe in air, yes.  we do.  i breathe as i create space for the new to come.  i've cut new paper this morning for wisdom cards without thinking. breathe. 

breathe in.  rest. calm. breathe out.  rest.  calm.  knowing.

i'm excited and aware that there is much, much, much more to come.  i am leaning into my truth: scheduling retreats to lead with others.  creating art that heals my body and spirit.  setting aside time to lead groups in my studio space, a space to be shared.  sharing what is within with those around me, as mother, minister, and artist. 

my ministry in chaplaincy is half-complete with my current half-time contract.  i am so thankful for the space to minister and be present in meaningful ways.  what an honor and a gift.  it's good and it's requiring a fair amount of energy.  soul care is needed even more so that i can be fully present to the moment, with each role. 

musings.  the last few months have brought shifts in routine.  i'll continue to reflect on those shifts and how i've managed to adjust and adapt.  perhaps some of those musings will surface, connecting with you in your own hustle-bustle days. 

in the meantime, whether you have a daily practice or a word for the year, share what you desire.  where are you learning & growing these days? 

prayers and wishes for peace and joy in these days.  xo.

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