04 November 2012

these days...

these days.

finding time to rest takes increasingly more effort.
and it is worth every moment.

my mind is so full from the sacred stories, introductions, and ministerial responsibilities as i chaplain part time in addition to all else.  it's good.  it's really good.

loving my beautiful, messy self.  seeing that my brokenness is just right.  that the spaces of healing and presence are enough.  i am enough.

stretching my arms wide open in yoga poses. feeling my heart open as i do so.  listening.  absorbing.

becoming more humble.

shedding.  shedding the negative self talk.  shedding the abusive relationships of the past and present.  shedding responsibilities that no longer hold real meaning or need my presence.

grieving.  still grieving the loss of friends.  the loss of colleagues.  my grandmother's loss after 10 years. oh, heart.  i'm here.

making.  art. love. life. food. kindness.

celebrating.  the moment.  what is.  what is not.

and... i am on the writing journey.  the book proposal has gone from submission to positive reviews from round one and has moved into round two a week ago or so.  i wanted to hold that before sharing.  it's good news... and i'll know more from the publisher in a month or two as to if i'll become a contracted author through their company or if they'll decline.  either way, the birthing has happened!  she's growing now.

that's a bit of what's happening.  in short bursts.  some days i'm truly giddy.  pinching myself that the air is crisp.  that lighting a candle and making bread dough can feed my soul.  that sweeping is as spiritual an act today as ever.  that my boys are beautiful, messy creatures just like me.  loving the four retreats ((one overnight, three one-day events)) in the works for the winter.

((deep breath.))  gratitude.

living a creative life.  loving my tribe.  so thankful for those who choose to keep company with me and i with them.

we are in this together.

peace. peace.
deep peace.

xo. suzanne

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