22 August 2012

some needed soul care.

every soul needs care.  what that care looks like varies from soul to soul.  yet there are certainly connections that some of us share.  today became a day for soul care.  

yesterday i led a retreat for some amazing educators at a local Catholic school.  i'm excited for those women and men.  i'm excited for those students and families.  excited.  there's a lot of goodness wrapped up in those soulful folks.  

after today became a little more open, i had planned to take jo to the pool for some r&r.  what became clear to me this morning was how much we needed home.  home time has been few and far between during our august adventures.  we needed the time. 

my love cleaned and waxed a toolbox made by his great grandfather.  i love seeing all the tools that go inside.  tools that his grandfather let him play with as a child.  tools our son looked over with great interest. 

i've been wanting to start some new dough for bread making.  easy.  the smell was so good.  there's something of a miracle taking place as it rises.  

i found myself in the garden after one of those mothering moments in which i needed a breath of fresh air.  instinctively, i walked into the back yard and was weeding without thought.  we've been together a lot, this sweet boy of mine and i.  and it's been good.  stepping into the yard to pull weeds is good, too.  good and theraputic.  

and after pulling weeds and tending the garden for a few hours, i loved showing up at the pool later this afternoon.  with reading and cold tea beside me.  i sat.  i cooled off.  and i received good care watching jo play. 

while i'd made plans on how i wanted to spend the day, i've found each plan foiled. i've needed to move without thinking.  to listen to what my body needs.  again and again.  even when i'd rather be doing something else.  i return to the space of home and find my soul receiving exactly what it needs in the moment.  

soul care.  

now to tend to the body.  it needs more rest this evening than i'd realized.  finding a need to rehydrate after all that good gardening in the afternoon and days of hiking and camping and working.  still glad.  still finding myself in good space for soul care.  

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