31 August 2012

living what i know.

photo taken on a beautiful trail along skyline drive.

this summer has been about living well and treading gently.  yet, there are some aspects of living well that took the back seat.  i didn't stress about how little i was keeping my "normal" exercise routine.  yet...i weeded and weeded throughout the summer.  i hiked here and there.  i practiced yoga, just not as crazy much as i love to do.

sometimes it's the balance of who needs me and what i need that must be altered.  with more folks at home, i wanted to be near them, my loves.  i wanted to do as much stretching with making art as i could.  so i took the summer off from vending at farmers' markets and went to them when i could as a supporter.

i gathered with my women.  i went to the pool to meet them there and to work on art, too.  watercolors at the pool are way more risky than stitching.  way. more.

i've kept a gentle pace while knowing that i would be able to run more come fall.  i didn't want to drag my 6 year old on the trails.  the few runs i had on the trails this summer were glorious.  they felt good.  really, really good.

savoring summer has been good.  now that our summer is coming to a close and the start of school is upon us, i'm feeling reflective.  as i create a new schedule and work on a new program year in the studio, i am excited and almost giddy about what is to come.

there are always more ideas than time.  that's amazing. and wonderful.  so i'll be making time for the best ideas.  creating. living. loving. sharing.  writing.

oh. so. much. to come.

living what i know.  figuring out what's best in this moment.  in this day.  right now.

what truths do you carry as you live what you know? 

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