19 July 2012

tea + time. appreciation. a recipe shared.

today I'm grateful for the recipe elizabeth shared with me for dandelion root tea. i'm learning to be rooted in the practice of sharing my appreciation, and thus i am mindfully sharing my thanks with others.  i believe in sharing my appreciation here, it sends that beautiful ripple into the world that you end up carrying.  with these words and images you find yourself sipping dandelion root tea with me, deeply appreciative for the tea drinkers and recipe sharers in your life. 

when there's appreciation for something, i try to soak it in.  
breathe deeply.  and exhale love.  

then i believe. 

i believe it reaches out into the world.  ripples to others.  
is caught in their breath.  voice.  touch.  

and apprecation.  deep apprecation.  
lighthearted appreciation.  

all of it. 

makes a beautiful difference.  

dandelion root tea: steep 2 bags of dandelion root tea.  ((i steep 15 minutes.)) 
add 60 oz. water plus 1/4 c. straight cranberry juice and the juice of 2-3 lemons.  ((i use limes, too.))

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