04 May 2012

{{this}} moment.

in {{this}} moment i am: sitting.  sharing.  loving with an open heart.
feeling the need to rest. to nest. and to nurture.

in {{this}} moment i am celebrating: listening to my inner workings after a good, tough, powerful time with my therapist today.  oh, the work of the soul!
a fantastic, yet brief conversation with a kindred soul following a time of silence carved in my day.

in {{this}} moment i am looking forward to: good time at home.  quiet.  the smell of clean floors and sinks thanks to mrs. meyers and my two hands.  an early evening in with a good, good book.

in {{this}} moment i am present: to my heart.  to my body.  to my mind.  to my belly.  to my need for rest.

in {{this}} next moment: i will rise. stretch. clean. cook. delight. create. love. nurture. read. rest.


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