24 May 2012

the feathers are coming! the feathers are here!

i love these feathers, which i've mentioned.  they really are quite wonderful.  i'm so pleased.

coming to the shop as a paint your own set!  i'm very, very excited about these. 
my delay has only been because allergies have done me in!  ((life, right?))

these are available as individual prints, too! 

before the allergies did me in completely, well, almost completely, i had a few friends play with some of these.  i loved seeing the watercolors glide onto the paper.  the one above was started by my friend N and finished by a young teenager. 

know your sacred path.  can you see the vivid colors you'd use to create your own one of a kind feather?  perhaps softer tones.  i can't wait for you to get your set ((or individual card)) and upload your photos to the FB page.  cannot wait!  

here's one of my watercolors, which i've showed you another time.  love. 

here my six year old friend painted.  i love, love, love his work.  
i love how his watercolors created a path of his own quite naturally.  

so much is coming together.  retreat plans are forming.  i'll have half-day "days of nurture" in the studio this summer.  circles are filling up. temp tattoos are being printed.  so much is coming.  oh, i am excited!  

what brings light and life to you these days?  


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