23 April 2012

a soulsister collaboration. kindness changes everything.

photo by patience salgado

today is full.  really. really full.  i've been grieving.  i've been working.  i've been creating.  all the while, my dear, dear soulsister patience has been writing and sharing a piece of something new.  visit kindnessgirl for her story of strawberries, soulsisters, and stickers.  it's a story of two friends and kindred spirits who are really soulsisters coming together.  like patience, i'm not sure of when we first met.  i've followed kindness girl.  i've created kindness missions with my sweet boy.  i've loved patience quite some time.  

photo by patience salgado

so when patience asked me for a custom creation to meet a vision she had for collaboration, there was no question.  yes. yes. yes.  

because kindness is a gift.  and because wisdom is meant to be shared, i'm completely in!   

So here’s the deal friends:

1. You can buy 5 stickers for $3 and we’ll send you 5 more to pass on, share, do something kind! That’s really 10 stickers for $3 (plus shipping) over at the Silver Tree Art store on Etsy. Click here.
2. All of the money will go into a SoulSister Kindness Jar to be used for future kindness missions (more about that later).
3. If you order stickers and happen to leave them some where public, or part of a kindness mission or even in your own space, send us a picture to patience@kindnessgirl.com or upload them to the Silver Tree Art Facebook page so we can watch kindness move and travel.

With so much love,
Suzanne and Patience  

((we are each giddy with excitement to see these stickers leaving the nest.  they'll be spread in so many places.  we're capping the sales at 1,000 stickers (or so). be sure to get your pack and share the love.  xo.))

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