15 February 2012

in the studio: a quilt for my boy.

my mother has saved a couple of unfinished quilt tops.  
if memory serves, my grandmother made this one.  
i'll fact check and edit if i'm wrong about the patchwork story you read here.

as i was preparing to use this on our dining room table for a bit, my son stopped me claiming this quilt for his own.  he wanted me to put it on his bed right. then.  so, i made a decision not to put it on the table but instead see if i could quickly whip this into a simple quilt for his bed by his birthday celebration which is fast approaching.  we'll see.  

i see fabric that was used in my mother's 4H uniform.  i'd love to know stories of as many fabrics as i can.  i love the colors.  love, love the yellow with little white dots.  love the purple & black.  love the combinations. 

and my grandmother hand stitched everything.  i'll serge to keep it strong, as you can see the stitching pulling away here and there.  her stitches will remain.  i love that.  what a gift.  

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