09 February 2012

creative peeps: aijung kim & her golden moth illumination deck

i love reasons to celebrate. +  i love spreading a good word.  

we celebrate holidays in our own way.  i love spreading love this time of the year.  a time when we hibernate and nest and conserve our energy.  for this valentines day of caring/sharing/loving, i'm sharing with you a great artist's work: 

i'm supporting Aijung Kim and i encourage you to do so.  
i've watched Aijung bloom over the years.  
i collect her art & zines and i love each piece!  

i highly recommend you consider giving a contribution to her project to see it come to be in lieu of a box of chocolates or flowers.  heck, get those, too.  

share the love...

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  1. I only just discovered this post, Suzanne. Thanks so much for writing it!