30 January 2012

self care truth no. 1.

a little self care truth.  no. 1.

when i need to quiet myself. 
when i need to sit still. 
((or)) when i need a little sparkle. 
i paint my nails. 

when i paint my nails, i must be still so that they can dry. 
i use the time well. sitting. being present. resting.

we all know how hard it can be to take a moment to ourselves.  the time often doesn't magically appear.  as mothers, spouses, as people.  we must make a few minutes in the busy-ness of life to carve those magical moments that add delight and care to our soul.  as january 2012 ends and february 1 approaches, i am met with two deadlines.  one is self-imposed and the other is one i want to make for a grant.  this is the year to thrive.  yes.  in order to thrive i must stop, sit, and paint my nails.  multiple coats.  i must bring a little sparkle and a lot of rest.  then i'm able to become attune to my inner wisdom, the wisdom that surrounds, and to the kind souls who come near to mind, needing a good word.  

where do you find such stillness through self care?  

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